Alumni Association Agreement

Dear Ft. Schuyler Alumnus/Alumna,

As most of you know for many years the FSMAA has sought to establish a working relationship with the college since being dismissed from campus in 2001. Several past efforts to re-establish a working relationship over the years have stalled for a variety of reasons. The State of New York requires Alumni Associations to enter into a contract with the State and unfortunately the terms of the contracts presented in the past have been viewed as unacceptable to the FSMAA.

For the better part of the last two years the FSMAA Board committee has been negotiating a modified version of the model contract with the College and the State. It began with the model New York State Contract and based on standard New York Contract Clauses and Guidelines for Alumni Associations, much of which conflicted with the purpose, independence and sustainability of the Alumni Association as a fraternal organization.

The purpose of presenting this summary is to give the Alumni Association membership sufficient information to have a general vote of the entire Association membership as to whether or not to enter into the negotiated contract with SUNY. This is a basic summary of the most noteworthy elements of the proposed agreement. The committee believes it has obtained sufficient waivers to proceed with an adequate degree of safety in the agreement with the college.

The Alumni Association Board has unanimously voted to support the agreement and feels strongly that this agreement is in the best interest of all alumni, the College and the Alumni Association. It is our recommendation that the entire membership cast a vote of approval. A majority vote will decide whether the Association goes forward with the execution of the proposed contract. The full contract will be available on our website.

Fraternally Yours,
Danielle Gillette, President ’97
Jennifer Barnes Hayes, 1st VP ’80
Michael Brown, 2nd VP ’82
Jim Nordmann, Secretary ’75
Matthew Devins, Treasurer ’97
Anthony DeSimone, Asst. Treasurer ’06
Victor Corso, Board of Directors ’83
Bill Kreppein, Board of Directors ’80
Leonard Imperial, Board of Directors ’01
Annmarie Bhola, Board of Directors ’98
Michael Trotta, Board of Directors ’99
John Valvo, Board of Directors ’83
Carl Hausheer, Board of Directors ’79
Jesse Douglas, Board of Directors ’05
Ted Mason, Past President ’57
John Bradley, Past President
Dick Bracken, Past President ’56
Jamie McNamara, Chapter President
Marianne M. Sanderson, Chapter President

To view the full version of the Board Positon, please click here.

Full Alumni Association Agreement

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