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MCAA Chapters with MCAA Board of Director Voting Rights

To further the participation of MCAA chapters in the governance of the MCAA, the MCAA membership approved a change in the by-laws that qualifying Chapter Presidents may be made voting members of the MCAA Board of Directors.  This action was taken as a means to give the chapters more say in the formulating the policies of the organization and its operation.

The establishment of ‘MCAA Chapters with MCAA Board of Director Voting Rights’ requires four elements to be met on an annual basis:

  1. The chapter has at least 25 active members who are members in good standing of the MCAA.
  2. The Chapter’s President is elected annually by a fair and democratic process by the members of the chapter who are in good standing of the MCAA. Note that there are no limits as to the number of times chapter officers can be reelected.
  3. The Chapter has at least two meetings and two scheduled events per year. Chapter events and meeting can be held in conjunction with each other; the meeting can precede or follow an event such as a social event.
  4. The Chapter President submits an annual report to the Board no later than January 15 of each calendar year, in a form specified by the board, certifying that the foregoing conditions have been met.

A key element of the approval process is the review of the Application for Chapter President MCAA Board Voting Rights Form by the Board, and for the re-approval process, it is the submission and acceptance of the Chapter Annual Report.  These reviews will be done at the first Board meeting following the January 15 application submission.

After the Chapter is approved as qualifying to have the President become a members of the Board of Directors, the President will have the authority to serve on the Board for a period of one year following the approval.  As a voting member of the Board, the President will have the right and duty to attend and vote at Board Meetings, either in person, by telephone or electronically, for one year or for the remainder of his or her term, whichever is shorter.  If the incumbent president will assume the right of a voting member of the MCAA Board of Directors.  Chapter Presidents with voting rights will have the same rights and will be held to the same standards as the nationally elected board members.

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