To All Alumni,

Occasionally the Board is contacted by alumni who are confused about what the Maritime College Alumni Association is and which is the “real alumni association”. Please allow us a moment to clear up any lingering confusion by answering some of your Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Which is the real alumni association?

There is only one Alumni Association. Its full name of the association is the Fort Schuyler Maritime Alumni Association, Inc. currently doing business as the Maritime College Alumni Association.
(FSMAA dba MCAA – how’s that for an acronym!)

Question: Why the name changes?

During the period of our troubles with the past SUNY administration several years ago, it became necessary to change the name of the association to the FSMAA. Now that we have worked out our differences and entered into a working relationship with the college, we have taken txhe name of the Maritime College Alumni Association (MCAA) to signify our strong commitment to the partnership between the college and the alumni.

Question: What does the Alumni Association do?

The alumni association exists to promote camaraderie among the alumni, provide a forum for networking and professional growth, and support the students – mainly through the yearly SST scholarships. The money that the alumni association takes in through membership dues, annual dinners and golf outings, and donations go to fund the SST Scholarships and cover the operating costs of the association.

Question: What is the SUNY Maritime Foundation?

The SUNY Maritime Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that seeks financial support from individuals, corporations, foundations and other organizations to assist the college to achieve its educational mission and vision. It is completely separate from the MCAA, financially and otherwise, but both organizations share the overall goal of improving Maritime College and its reputation.

Question: Why should I join the MCAA?

New alumni should join to increase their networking opportunities. Older alumni should join to give back to the organization that helped them advance in their careers. The more alumni that join, the stronger the MCAA will be and the better it is for all graduates of Maritime College.

6 Pennyfield Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465
Phone: (718) 319-8801  |  Email: Director@MaritimeCollegeAA.org