About Maritime College Alumni Association

An independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Maritime College Alumni Association (MCAA) was founded in 1903 with the mission of bringing together the community of graduates from Fort Schuyler/SUNY Maritime College. The MCAA provides alumni with a vehicle for expanding their personal and professional networks, and has been disbursing financial and career support to current students for over 118 years. The College, established in 1874 under the name of the New York Nautical School, and later became SUNY Maritime College, is the oldest and largest maritime college in the nation.”

2021 Officers and Board of Directors

Please send ALL inquires to JMurphy@MaritimeCollegeAA.org
Please include the name of the Board Member you are trying to reach, in the subject line.


Kevin Danko ’95

1st Vice President
Annmarie Bhola ’98

2nd Vice President
Leo Imperial ’01

Kevin Comerford ’83

Assistant Treasurer
Samuel Reilly ’95

Michael Paturas ’13

Past Presidents

John Valvo ’83

Jennifer Barnes-Hayes ’80

Daniel M. Gillette ’97

Board of Directors

Bridget Cooney ’15

Victor Corso  ’83

Carl Hausheer ’79

Phil Kantz ’65

Ted Mason ’57

Rick McClain ’14

Ryan Modruson ’02

Chris Nystrom ’92

Mike Trotta ’99

Chapter Presidents with Voting Rights

Jamie McNamara ’94
New Jersey

Marianne Michaelsen Sanderson ’95
The Carolinas

Art Sulzer ’74
Delaware Valley

Zhen Shao ’00

Michael Flood ’11

Ryan Cook ’16
Hampton Roads

2016 May – FSMAA By Laws

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Corporate Purpose

The purpose of the Corporation in addition to and consistent with those set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation, include promoting camaraderie among the alumni, providing a forum in which all alumni can network and enhance their professional growth, and advancing the professional interests of the alumni and the Maritime College at Fort Schuyler community at large.


6 Pennyfield Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465
Phone: (718) 319-8801  |  Email: JMurphy@MaritimeCollegeAA.org