Proposed Change to the Fort Schuyler Maritime Alumni Association’s (DBA: Maritime College Alumni Association) By Laws

June 22, 2023
Greetings from your Alumni Association!
We come to you with a proposal for a significant change in our alumni structure and By-Laws.
After much discussion and review, the Board is now recommending membership be open to all graduates with dues being changed to an optional status.
Some points that were part of the Board decision:
  1. The Board believes it is now time to move forward in an environment where all alumni are included, following a structure replicated by most 4-year colleges.
  2. A more inclusive membership will let us remain relevant to our members and future graduates’ needs.
  3. The college, RADM Michael Alfultis in particular, is in full support of this effort to move to a more inclusive membership structure. This proposal is seen as one more step in solidifying the strong working relationship established between the college and the Alumni Association.


Under this proposal, there will be three classes of membership (Article II Section 1)
1. Members (Article II Section 2)
  • All Graduates
  • Non-dues paying Members will have participation and engagement with the MCAA at no cost.
2. Sustaining Members (Article II Section 3)
  • Those electing to pay dues and fees.
  • As an incentive to pay dues, Sustaining Members will be eligible to vote, run for and hold office as Officer of the Board. Additionally, the Board may designate other rights and privileges for Sustaining Members to add value to this level of participation.
3. Honorary Members (Article II Section 4)
  • No Change in by-laws wording
  • Persons who have distinguished themselves in affairs beneficial to the Association.


Also, as part of our overall housekeeping and cleanup, under Article VIII – Local Chapters, we have deleted the wording on the dues rebate procedures. As best as anyone can remember that option has never been requested, let alone approved, in the past 20 years and we don’t foresee it being in our future.

For those interested in seeing the details of the various changes, a draft mark-up copy, showing all the various changes, can be found on this page, by scrolling down.

I would personally encourage your close review of this matter as this is one of the more significant structural changes to our organization in some 20 years.  You will soon be receiving a voting request on this change via Survey Monkey.  Hopefully the above will inform your vote.

Lastly, I would also like to note that this is the first step by our By-Laws Committee in continuing to review our By-Laws.  We intend to continue an ongoing review to make the document and our structure more relevant and transparent.

Please feel free to contact me or any of the members of the By-Laws Committee if you have any questions regarding this proposal.

Personally, and on behalf of the Board and the By-Laws Committee thank you for your kind attention to this important matter.

Stephen J. Carbery
Maritime College Alumni Association
Founded in 1903

By-Laws Committee
Leo Imperial ’01 (Chair / 2nd VP) //
Ted Mason ’57 (Past President & Board Member //
Mike Trotta ‘99 (Board Member) //
Vic Corso ’83 (Board Member) //
Seth Lucas ’01 (Board Member) //
Vinod Melwani ’02 (Board Member) //
Dennis Brennan ’64 (San Diego Chapter President) //
Doug Hasbrouck (Maritime College Staff Liaison) //





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