The purposes of the Corporation, in additional to and consistent with those set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation, include:

Promoting camaraderie among the alumni,

Providing a forum in which all alumni can network and enhance their professional growth,

And advancing the professional interests of the alumni and the Maritime College at Fort Schuyler community at large.

In pursuance of these purposes, the Corporation shall, at its discretion:

Strive, through an ongoing program of communication and events, top preserve the camaraderie and pride that binds graduates of the Maritime School at Fort Schuyler together.

Provide opportunities for alumni of the Maritime College and its predecessor institutions (collectively, the “Maritime School at Fort Schuyler”) to offer financial assistance to students of the Maritime College by awarding fellowships, scholarships, grants-in-aid or loans, and by participating in programs designed to enrich their physical, mental and moral life.

Commemorate the lives of alumni, faculty and students of the Maritime College who have rendered distinguished educational, patriotic or other public services.

Foster the organization of, cooperate with, and exercise the general supervision over the Chapters of the Corporation.

Provide financial, moral and political support to the Maritime College.

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